Dan Huber, A-10 Thunderbolt driver

#BIAS2015 - Dan Huber, A-10 Thunderbolt driver

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During the static exhibition, the US Air Force exposed 2 type A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft. Other 2 had to evolve, but did not do so due to adverse weather conditions. In one of the aircraft in the static exhibit, I found Captain Dan Huber:

Taxi and parking A-10 Thunderbolt #USAF @ Baneasa Airport - Aurel Vlaicu / BBU # BIAS2015Bucharest International Air Show Bucharest Airports

Posted by Airlines Travel on Thursday, June 18, 2015

TIG: Tell us a little about these planes.

DH: The planes are A-10 C, an upgrade from A-10 A. We have them in operation from 2005. The biggest difference is that we now have 2 multifunctional displays: it displays anything from information about maps, navigation, weapons, ammunition. This plane is very easy to fly. Because it was created for Close Air Support (CAS), the maximum speed it reaches is around 400 knots (about 740 km / h), but we usually fly with 200 knots (about 370 km / h). We also have to fly pretty low. Another type of missions that this aircraft performs are those of "combat search and rescue". We really like this type of mission: it is our task to find an eventual pilot shot down and to make sure that he is safely recovered by a helicopter.


TIG: How are you preparing to board these planes? We know that there is no longer dual-order A-10.

DH: After completing training on other types of dual-order aircraft, we pass directly on the A-10 C. You are alone on the plane for the first time when you fly it. It's a little scary, but also fun.

TIG: Is this the first fighter plane you piloted?

DH: Yes, within the US Air Force we usually fly on one type of aircraft throughout our entire career. We rarely do what is called "cross training" when learning to fly on another type of plane. I have about 550 flight hours on Thunderbolt's sleeve.


TIG: The plane you were in ???? been used in any fight so far?

DH: Each aircraft of this type has already been used in different fights. It was built in 1982; USAF used A-10 in Iraq, Afghanistan.

TIG: Have you ever participated in a fight?

DH: No, I don't, but my squadron does. And to be always prepared for such a situation, we train constantly. We have just returned from some exercises in Europe with other NATO members. We have been stationed in Romania for a while at Câmpia Turzii, where we train with Mig-21 LanceR.

Thanks a lot!

DH: Thank you too!

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