"Library in the palm" of Mr. Grumăzescu from Iasi (ep. 2)

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Mr. Grumăzescu is a craftsman, a great admirer of Eminescu and the owner of the Antiquarian Galleries in Lăpuşneanu street, number 24, Iasi. From the outside, everything seems old, dusty and without much interest. But everything changes as soon as you pass the threshold of the antiquarian. You are entering a new world and a new dimension, and Mr. Grumăzescu is always ready to introduce you.


Here I saw the smallest books and I mean the size. The smallest one measures 3 x 3 mm and contains all the poetry "Luceafarul". It was written on special paper and with hair of ivy, and its reading can only be done under a microscope.

I was impressed by the "Library in the palm", many small books that can be easily held in a palm.




Ask him about Eminescu and you will surely spend some good hours at the taifas. If you arrive in Iasi, go and pass the threshold of the Antiquarian Galleries of Mr. Grumăzescu. You will marvel at how many interesting things you will see and find out.

Below is a small photo gallery from Mr. Grumăzescu's antique shop.

The city break in Iasi was organized by Icar Tours with the support of Hotel Unirea, Gramma Wines and Ralet Restaurant.

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