[KLM offer] Amsterdam from the 139 EURO, Toronto from the 386 EURO, Miami from the 411 EURO, Mumbai from the 499 EURO

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AIR FRANCE - KLM launches the most important promotional campaign of the year, reducing the price of air tickets by up to 40%. They will benefit from special prices over 100 from destinations in North America, South America, Asia, Africa but also in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean area.


For the first time for Romania, the campaign was shaped taking into account the travel options of Romanians, so that in the list of destinations with the lowest prices, there are the main travel points of the Romanian passengers, Asia and North America.

North America from 385 EURO

On the North American continent prices start from 411 euro for a return ticket to Miami, 386 EURO for a return ticket to Toronto and 584 euro for a return ticket to New York, Boston, Montreal from 386 EURO, San Francisco from 407 EURO, Dallas of the 416 EURO.


Bucharest Miami-410 EURO


Bucharest-Dallas-420 EURO

South America from 599 EURO

For travelers who wanted to get to Brazil, AIR FRANCE KLM has sold tickets starting at 599 euros per person, round trip, including a discount of 35 - 40% compared to the normal ticket price.

499 EURO Asia

Asia is an excellent destination for a first intercontinental trip and the available prices also contribute to this conclusion. Passionate travelers can purchase tickets up to 50% discount, with prices starting from 499 euros for Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing and 519 euros for Hong Kong and Shanghai. For tourists who want to explore one of the most developed countries in the world, the company has sold tickets to Singapore from 559 euros per person, round trip.

Tourists will be able to book their desired destination until 26 January 2016, and the trip will have to be made until 26 June 2016 (date of return to the country).

Amsterdam from the 139 EURO

Another good news for travelers is the lowering of the basic fare for Bucharest - Amsterdam trips. If until now the lowest available rate (outside the promotions) was 159 euros per person, round trip, starting this month the basic fare for trips to Amsterdam drops to 139 euros. The price of 139 euros is available for tickets purchased at least 14 days before the trip and is valid for trips of minimum 3 days or with a Saturday included.


Promotional prices are available for purchases made on the online platforms www.airfrance.ro and www.klm.ro, as well as authorized travel and tour operators.

(PHOTO: Airlinestravel.ro)

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