TAROM plane tickets at 99 EUR (2014 winter offer)

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Between 13 and 31 January 2014, TAROM invites all travel lovers to purchase return tickets to / from the following TAROM destinations: Athens, Amman, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Beirut, Brussels, Budapest, Bologna (from Iasi), Chisinau, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, Larnaca, London (from Bucharest and Iasi), Madrid, Munich (from Bucharest and Sibiu), Nice, Paris, Prague (from Bucharest and Cluj), Rome (from Bucharest and Iasi), Thessaloniki, Sofia, Tel Aviv, Turin (from Iasi), Vienna (from Bucharest and Cluj).

Tickets are available for sale both on site, through TAROM's own agencies and through resale travel agencies. The winter offer is valid for trips between January 20 and March 14, 2014.

* At this offer places are limited.
** Exceptions are operated on code share.

TAROM offers free transport of a surplus baggage of 23 kilograms, representing ski or snowboard equipment, for passengers traveling between Romania or Moldova (Chisinau) and Vienna, London, Nice, Munich, Sofia, Turin, Bologna and Geneva. The transport of sports equipment is offered in addition to the standard baggage standard accepted for free.

“As in the autumn of 2013, TAROM company welcomes its passengers with a special offer. The offer is addressed to all those who want to visit some of the most beautiful cities and at the same time offer a unique gift to the loved one. We want to continue to offer our customers the facility to travel with low prices and services to the highest standards. "

, said Christian Heinzmann, Executive Director, Accountable Manager.

TAROM recommends to its passengers the purchase of air tickets online, via www.tarom.ro, also valid on Smartphone.

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