Cheap flights to Marrakech, Larnaca, Malaga

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If it's Tuesday, it's the article with Cristi's recommendations. For today's episode, Cristi chose Marrakech, Larnaca, Malaga. Curious to see the offers?

Bucharest - Marrakech - Bucharest from 101 EURO

Between January 29 and February 1, 2017, the flights for the flights Bucharest - Marrakech - Bucharest start from the 101 EURO. The flights will be operated by Ryanair via Milan. The scales are acceptable, about 4 hours on both segments.


Marrakech is a city in southwestern Morocco, located approximately 150 km off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the year, the weather is sunny. In January-February, the average temperature is about 20 degrees. You can visit different sights, stroll through traditional markets or relax on the terraces with wide views.

Bucharest - Larnaca - Bucharest at 59 EURO

Between January 31 and February 04, 2017, the flights for the flights Bucharest - Larnaca - Bucharest start from the 59 EURO. The flights will be operated by Wizz Air, without a stopover.


Even though Larnaca is a summer destination, it can also be visited in the off-season. The sea water is not for the bath, and the temperatures drop below 20 degrees, but you can discover the city in step. You can admire the Flamingo birds, which dot the Salt Lake. You can visit the city's harbors or mosques. And you can rest your feet in Cypriot taverns.

Bucharest - Malaga - Bucharest from 94 EURO

The beautiful Spanish destination, Malaga, is a one-way flight away price from 94 EURO. Cristi comes with a city break proposal between February 18 and February 21, 2017. The flights are operated by Wizz Air and Blue Air. Malaga enjoys the heat all year round. Between January and February, temperatures range from 18 to 24 degrees.


Thus, you can discover Malaga step by step. Visit the museums without worrying too much about queues, try the Spanish cuisine and the famous Malaga wines. If you still want to enjoy the snow, find out that there are ski slopes about 100 kilometers from Malaga.

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