Flights from 79 euros to Belgrade and Sofia - with TAROM

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TAROM announces new price offers, starting from 79 euros, for round-trip tickets, with all taxes included. Offers are valid for TAROM destinations - Belgrade and Sofia - from 1 June 2012.

The sale period is: 1.06-30.06.2012. Travel period is: 1.07-31.08.2012 (date of last return).

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade the confluence between the river Sava and the Danube river is located as one of the oldest cities in Europe, with archaeological evidence of the settlements since the 5th millennium BC. With a flourishing culture of cafes and restaurants, a variety of fascinating sights and a passion for arts and literature, the capital of Serbia offers metropolitan living at the intersection of Central and Eastern Europe. Among the tourist objectives we mention: Belgrade Church Cathedral, Belgrade Fortress, Kalemegdan, and of course the Aviation Museum.

Sofia, The capital of Bulgaria, almost entirely rebuilt after the bombings of World War II - is a mixture of architectural styles. The long history of Sofia, for almost 3 thousands of years - and the multiple influences of its cultural diversity have left their mark on the architecture of the buildings: from the style. Sofia has many archaeological sites that bear witness to the history of the city: the walls and towers of Serdica Castle, the headquarters of public institutions and the streets of hundreds of years old. Sofia's surroundings are also worth a visit: the Ploschtad Batenberg area has many beautiful parks and gardens. Sofia is also famous for its abundance of hot springs and hot springs, which are located both in the city center and in its surroundings, in areas such as: Kniazevo, Gorna Bania, Bankia, Ovcha Kupel and Ivaniane.

Tickets can be purchased through the website, TAROM own agencies and IATA accredited agents.
* Limited places. The offer is subject to certain terms and conditions.

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