TAROM plane tickets from 99 euro. Offer for extended vacations.

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The start of the week comes with good news for travel lovers. TAROM has launched a new 99 Euro plane ticket campaign.

We know you've scheduled your summer vacation. But TAROM proposes an extended holiday and offers you discounts on air tickets to the most wanted destinations!

Prices start at 99 EUR for tickets purchased during 27 May - 01 June 2019. Tickets can be booked on the TAROM website. The offer is valid for round trips between 01 October - 15 December 2019 (the date of last return). The offer is subject to special terms and conditions, and seats at these rates are limited.

TAROM plane tickets from 99 euro

  • from the 99 * Euro, for tickets purchased between Bucharest and Rome, Athens, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Vienna;
  • from the 119 * Euro, for tickets purchased between Bucharest and Yerevan, Tbilisi, Belgrade, Chisinau, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Prague, Tel Aviv, Cairo, London, Stockholm;
  • from the 149 * Euro, for tickets purchased between Bucharest and Amman, Paris, Nice, Amsterdam, Brussels, Beirut, Madrid, Barcelona.

All TAROM passengers benefit from free luggage transportation, catering on board and check-in.

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