TAROM plane tickets without hold baggage included

TAROM plane tickets without hold baggage included

Commercial aviation is in a continuous transformation. Airlines are looking for solutions to diversify their services, offers and attract as many passengers as possible.

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We live in times when low-cost and full-service companies meet in the hybrid area. Low-cost carriers have started designing packages for those who want more services, while full-service carriers are starting to release light packages, without some services included.

TAROM plane tickets without hold baggage

TAROM is a full-service company, with full package rates. Prices are also bespoke.

However, starting with 15 in February, TAROM is making the first move towards diversifying its offerings. On the Bucharest - Budapest route, TAROM removes the first fare without included luggage, but keeps the other services included.

- Bucharest - Budapest from 109 Euro, without luggage included / from 119 Euro, with luggage included in the price. The rates are for one-way ticket, with all taxes included.

For tickets issued at the included luggage fare, the maximum limit is 23 kg (1 luggage) in economy class and 3 luggage (each maximum 23 kg) in business class + 1 hand luggage.

In addition, passengers can enjoy free airport check-in, kiosk, online and mobile. Plus the free services on board (catering, drinks etc).

We hope that this strategic move will be applied on other routes, and the tariff differences will be more significant :).



Budapest is not only one of the most beautiful European capitals, but also an easily accessible one. Buda Castle, Parliament, Promenade along the Danube, Chain Bridge are just a few of the attractions that make Budapest an impressive destination.

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