Flight tickets to Bucharest - New York with prices starting from 396 €

Flight tickets to Bucharest - New York with prices starting from 396 €

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As usual, on AirlinesTravel.ro we publish numerous promotional articles on airline tickets. Frequently, we announce the most attractive offers for the most popular destinations. From what we observe, the year 2019 has brought many offers for the Bucharest - New York route, a trend that will continue in 2020.

Unfortunately, Romania is not bound by direct flights to the United States. So any flight to a destination in America must be on a scale in the main hubs in Europe.

Flight tickets to Bucharest - New York

Thus, you can choose to fly on the Bucharest - New York route via Frankfurt (Lufthansa), via London (British Airways), via Air France, via Amsterdam (KLM), via Istanbul (Turkish Airlines). We listed the main European airlines and the main hubs of the old continent. Below are some simulations for Bucharest - New York in order to validate the promotional rates.

Bucharest - New York via London with British Airways

We start with the offer from British Airways because here we found the lowest fares, starting from 396 € for round trip flights.

Bucharest-new-york-British-Airways offer

Bucharest - New York via Amsterdam with KLM

Another very good offer, for flights Bucharest - New York, comes from KLM. Prices start at € 402 for return flights. The flights are through Amsterdam.

Bucharest-new-york-KLM offer-month-year
Bucharest-new-york-KLM offer

Bucharest - New York via Frankfurt with Lufthansa

We continue with Lufthansa offer, where fares start at € 403 for round trip flights. The staircase is via Frankfurt.


The content of the offer

What do the 3 offers have in common? These offers are at Economy Light. These rates include: only hand luggage, catering services, check-in. Seats are automatically allocated. Any other desired service will have to be paid extra. Another important detail: the offers can be valid for trips of at least 7 days in Lufthansa and British Airways, respectively 5 days for KLM.

You can choose depending on the desired airline or your favorite airline. As you can see, we have 3 major airlines in Europe, each part of an alliance. British Airways is in the oneworld, KLM is in the SkyTeam and Lufthansa is in the Star Alliance.

About the promotional prices

Promotional prices are always when the airlines need to take their seats, not when we want them :). You will need to be flexible about time to synchronize your travel with the offer. And from personal experience, the best prices are not found on weekends.

At the same time, the price may vary depending on the degree of loading of the aircraft, the period of the year, certain events that take place in the destination chosen and many other factors. So it is good to take advantage of the offers on airline tickets quickly, because seats are limited and they sell out fast.

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