Bingo Airways has expanded its fleet with another Airbus A320 aircraft

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Bingo Airways, a Polish charter company, started work on 18 May 2012. In July the fleet had two Airbus A320 aircraft. It seems to have done just fine, carrying over 70 000 passengers so far. And because the market demands it, Bingo Airways has increased its fleet with another Airbus A320 aircraft.

It is rented from Air Lease Corporation (ALC). The aircraft was manufactured in 2006 and was used by the Indian carrier - Kingfisher Airlines.

The SP-ACK aircraft is painted in a special and "sweet" livery, promoting the most famous brand of lollipops in the world - "Chupa Chups". On board this aircraft, the children will taste the wonderful sweets Chupa Chups. The plane is already known as Chuck Force One.

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  1. Cris-Mary says

    And he has the Chupa Chuck as captain

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