Bio fuel factory, built by KLM, SKyNRG and SHV Energy

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KLM is the first airline in the world with investments in bio-fuel for the aeronautical industry. It aims to buy and use over 10 tons of sustainable aviation fuel for the next 75.000 years each year.

SkyNRG, the world leader in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) market, will develop Europe's first biofuel plant for the aerospace industry. The plant will be built in Delfzijl, the Netherlands and is scheduled to open in 2022.

Bio fuel factory

KLM is the only airline in Europe that operates intercontinental flights powered partly by bio-kerosene, a sustainable replacement for kerosene. At the end of the 2018 year, there were approximately 1.500 of flights fueled with 1.318 tons of bio-kerosene.

Sustainable aviation fuel is an option needed by the commercial aviation industry to reduce CO emissions2. A reliable solution in addition to fleet renewal and increased operational efficiency.

However, at present, not enough sustainable kerosene is produced. From the year 2022, the plant will produce 100.000 tons of bio fuel annually, as well as 15.000 tons of bioGPL, as a by-product. This will mean a reduction in CO2 of 270.000 tonnes per year for the aviation industry.

Cooking oil converted into bio-kerosene. CO emissions2 will be reduced by 85%

The raw material used for production will consist of residual waste, such as cooking oil, mainly from the factories in the area.

The plant will operate on the basis of sustainable hydrogen, produced by the use of water and wind energy. Due to these options, this aviation fuel offers a reduction in CO emissions2 of at least 85% compared to fossil fuels.

The use of SAF will also contribute to a significant reduction of ultra-fine particles and sulfur emissions. The construction of this plant is in accordance with KLM's sustainability objectives.

It is an important step towards the implementation of the "Smart & Sustainable" action plan of the industry, developed by 20 transport organizations and knowledge centers. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will also invest in the development of this plant.

Partners involved

In addition to KLM and SHV Energy, SkyNRG has also partnered with other partners in the Netherlands and other countries as part of the DSL-1 project: EIT Climate-KIC, Royal Schiphol Group, GROEIfonds, NV NOM, Groningen Seaports, Nouryon, Gasunie , Arcadis, TechnipFMC, Haldor Topsoe, Desmet Ballestra, Susteen Technologies and MBP Solutions. These partners will be involved in different phases of the project.

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