#Birdstrike: ATR 72-500 plane damaged by a flock of birds

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On December 9, 2018, the ATR 72-500 (5H-PWD) Precision Air aircraft suffered significant damage following a bird strike.

The aircraft's nose, cockpit windshield, front and main landing gear, engines and part of its wings were damaged.

Plane damaged by a flock of birds

The impact was so violent that the color of the aircraft seems to change from white to red. And in the landing gear and engines were found remains of birds.


The plane operated flight PW490, on the route Dar-es-Salaam - Mwanza, Tanzania. The flight was operated smoothly until landing. Although the windshield was full of blood and feathers, the pilots managed to bring the aircraft to the ground without further damage. There were 70 passengers on board.

Because the flight was not monitored with Mode-S transponder, unfortunately we do not have other information about the flight, such as altitude, speed, journey time, etc.

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