Black Friday 2018: Good travel gadgets and accessories

The marathon in shopping has begun. eMAG set Black Friday 2018 to 16 November 2018, and most traders have aligned with the trend. Let's see some interesting deals on travel gadgets and accessories.

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Because it's all Black Friday 2018, we come up with a number of recommendations for travel gadgets and accessories. When analyzing the offers, I found some really good ones and it is good to take advantage of them. Our travel kit contains some essential gadgets and related accessories.

Good travel gadgets and accessories

1. Smartphone

Smartphone / smartphone is indispensable in daily work. Even more, it cannot be missing from our travels. We need the internet, the map, to keep in touch with the accommodation unit / travel agency / airline. And obviously, we use it to take pictures. If you plan to change your phone, now is the time.

The eMAG offer is generous and the prices very attractive. Prices start from 189 lei and can reach up to 7900 lei. Our recommendation is: ASUS ZenFone 5 ZE620KL - 1300 lei!

2. External battery

External battery / powerbank must not be missing from the travel baggage. Smartphones are energy-efficient, and batteries barely cope with a few hours of use. When traveling, an external battery is required to have a back-up in case the phone's battery runs out and you cannot charge it from the outlet. But pay close attention to the capacity of the external battery. There are airlines that do not allow batteries with capacities greater than 10 000 mAh in their luggage.

Our recommendation: Romoss OEM Solo (10 000mAh) - 55 lei!

3. Headphones

Our travel kit also has a pair of headphones. Sometimes they are necessary to isolate us from the surrounding lurch. By plane, train or coach, there are times when you want to listen to your favorite song or watch a movie, you may have seen something interesting on youtube. At the moment, headphones play a very important role.

Our recommendation: Sony MDRXB950B1B, EXTRA BASS, Wireless, Bluetooth, NFC - 400 lei!

4. External hard disk

When traveling, we are accustomed to taking many pictures. Obviously, we want to capture as many memories as possible in the images. And no matter how spacious the memory of a phone or card may be, it is good to save the images to an external hard drive for security as well. By Black Friday, the eMAG offer includes 330 of external storage units.

Our recommendation: ADATA HD710M Pro 1TB - 290 lei!

5. Laptop

The laptop is also essential for travelers. He represents the mobile office. It is never known when I need it to quickly publish a news story or to process a few pictures quickly. Even though I go on a relaxing trip, I don't miss the laptop. Be! Online does not take a break. In order not to have problems with the weight of the hand luggage, I opted for an ultrabook.

Our recommendation: ASUS UX331FAL-EG009T - 5699 lei!

We travel light and try not to make our luggage too heavy. What gadgets do you use in your travels?

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