Black Friday 2018 in Tourism: Europa Travel - 40% discounts

In Romania, Black Friday has come to be celebrated as dictated by some very big traders or as creative as the marketing man. This is why, in Romania, the big Black Friday 2018 was celebrated on 16 November because it was decided by eMAG: But we appreciate the fact that there are still companies that go on the traditional Black Friday, the American one. It is celebrated around 23 November 2018.

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If we talk about Black Friday 2018 in tourism, here we find that some celebrated the discount festival on 16 November, but we also have agencies eager to celebrate the American model.

One of the agencies is Europa Travel, which has decided to organize the November 23 discount festival with the Americans.

Europa Travel - 40% discount

For those who want to plan their holidays for 2019, Black Friday NOT ON Europe Travel comes with 40% discount on any holiday paid in full online with the card. A nice way to encourage card payments.oferte-black-friday-europa-travel

This "any" refers to any vacation on the promotional list. I took a look and saw that there are some interesting offers on Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, but also on some bus routes.

For more information on the black friday offer, contact a Europe Travel agent.

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