Black Friday 2020 with holiday offers, plane tickets and vouchers for leisure and balloon flights

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Today, November 13, 2020, a cloudy day for many shopping enthusiasts. eMAG organizes the shopping marathon to suffer offer in a new edition of Black Friday.

Among the promotions for TVs, phones, laptops and other state-of-the-art gadgets, eMAG also has offers for tourist packages for holidays at sea in Romania and in the mountains or in the Balkans.

All the time, this year eMAG sells TAROM vouchers at a 50% discount. There are 3 types of value vouchers, of 200/400/1000 lei, sold at half price. Obviously, with these vouchers you can buy plane tickets.

And this is not all. This year eMAG completed its offer of surprise products with vouchers for leisure flights. More precisely, it is about gift voucher for flying pleasure and guests above Bran Castle. The flight duration will be 20 minutes for a maximum of 3 people. The voucher can be used until 13.11.2021. There is also balloon voucher discounts.

Are there any of our helicopter enthusiasts? By Black Friday 2020 eMAG there is a offer to fly over the helicopter over Bucharest.

We live in hard and turbulent times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that should not discourage us from dreaming of future travels and escapades. Because the winter holidays are coming and you may not have decided what gifts to give to your loved ones, we recommend you to buy them vouchers for all kinds of escapades and events. A unique experience lived with friends is the most beautiful gift.

And let's not forget that Blue Air has its own Black Friday with 50% discounts on plane tickets for travel in the country and throughout the international network.

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