Black Friday Travel 2013 in Romania

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It's still a little while and the madness begins Black Friday 2013. Stores lined up at the start, prepared the logistics, made stocks, adjusted the servers and waited for 00: 00. This year we will have BF2013 and tourism. Even if some were skeptical and announced that they would not organize Black Friday discounts because you cannot organize this for a special day, here are some travel agents who had the courage to enter Black Friday 2013.

Perfect Tour promises good prices for one week dream vacation.

Prestige Tours prepares an Early BLACK FRIDAY Kenya for 29 November 2013.

Zahir travel will have an interesting offer for a tour in Turkey at a reduced rate from 160 from EUR to 100, valid only on 22 November.

Hello Holidays is preparing tempting offers for 22.11.2013/50/2014. Take advantage of the 10% Summer 2014 & 22.11.2013% New Year's Eve XNUMX discount only on Black Friday, Friday XNUMX !!!

The offer is valid for reservations during the Greek Summer Season 2014: Thassos Island, Zakynthos Island, Lefkada Island, Evia Island, Parga, Olympus Riviera, Halkidiki, Tolo and Sivota.

* The 50% discount is valid for all accommodation units, to which transport is added.
* The 50% discount is only valid for packages purchased by coach transport, except for destinations Tolo and Evia, where transport is optional.
* Exception: Hotel Ioannis, which will have a discount of 30%, applied only to accommodation.
* The 50% discount is only valid for the tariffs in euros.
* The 50% discount is not cumulative with other offers.

tide - 50% for the most attractive and requested holiday destinations.

Christian Tour - 50% discounts for external coastal destinations, and the biggest discounts will be for Greece.

Paralela45 - The Black Friday 2013 promotion will include: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, the Romanian coast and Kenya. Discounts will be between 25% and 35%.

Europa Travel - Only members of the Europa Travel Club benefit from Black Friday discounts!

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