fbpx Black Friday Tourism 2016: Your vacation from 49 EURO

Black Friday Tourism 2016: Your vacation from 49 EURO

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After I introduced you offer at airline tickets, I said that it is good to do an analysis on the holiday packages.

Your vacation from 49 EURO

Vola.ro had some packages at incredibly low prices: City Break in Rome from 9.99 EURO (plane ticket + accommodation); City Break in Prague from 99 EURO (plane ticket + accommodation), Skiathos vacation from 99 EURO and Turkey vacation from 99 EURO.

But there are still a few tour packages at good prices. You can plan it holiday in Lefkada, rate of the 49 EURO (7 days accommodation) if you choose to travel on your own or from 259 EURO (air ticket + 7 days accommodation).


I was attracted by the offer for a city break in Malta, price from 159 EURO (air ticket + 3 nights accommodation). Good rates are also for: city break in Madrid from 169 EURO (plane ticket + 2 nights accommodation); city ​​break Amsterdam from 189 EURO (plane ticket + 4 nights accommodation); city ​​break London from 159 EURO (plane ticket + 2 nights accommodation).

If you do not like these offers, you can create your own vacation according to your desired dates and destinations.

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