Blue Air has launched Blue Benefits - annual subscriptions for frequent trips

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In the last few years we have become used to many new routes announced by the airlines. We got used to very low rates, plus extra services at great prices. But this period is over. 2019 meant the consolidation year for most airlines. Even Blue Air has slowed its expansion. And, at the same time, he began to make orders for the fleet, routes and services.

According to interview offered by the new Blue Air CEO, Oana Petrescu, the company will go through some important transformations. First, the company will position itself as a low-cost operator. It will remove certain services from the standard ticket price. Everything will be simplified. It seems that positioning in the hybrid area has not given much fruit.

Blue Air has launched Blue Benefits


And with the relocation to the low-cost area, Blue Air will develop different packages of services for a fee. After many years, it came out with annual subscriptions, a kind of club. Blue Benefits means annual subscriptions to travel longer.

Blue Benefits includes subscriptions: Together (up to 2 passengers), Family (up to 4 passengers), Friends (up to 9 passengers). As the name suggests, they are subscriptions dedicated to couples, families or groups of friends. These season tickets will bring you discounts of € 12 / flight segment on all Blue Air tickets and a € 6 discount per flight segment on hold baggage.

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