Blue Air is looking for a financier

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Starting with 10.04.2013, the company BLUE AIR TRANSPORT AERIAN has a new Board of Directors made up of the following members: Mrs. Ellen Phillips - American specialist in aviation and restructuring of aviation companies, with over 30 years of expertise in the field (working within Blue Air from 2010) , Mr. Adrian Ionașcu - General Manager Adj. Blue Air (part of 2007's management team) and Mr. Rudolf Vizental - representative of the Transylvania Insolvency House. The new Constitutive Act has already been registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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In order to consolidate its position on the Romanian market, as well as on the European market, but also to improve the quality of the air transport services offered to passengers, the new Blue Air Board of Directors considers it appropriate to find an investor, especially since there are already offers and letters of intent submitted by Romanian and foreign investors.

The situation is not new. Much information has been speculated announcing this step. Mr. Gheorghe Racaru, the general manager of the low-cost operator, declares in an interview: "Any business is for sale, everything depends on the price". It remains to be seen how many percentages will be sold.

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