Blue Air charter, operated under normal conditions

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Taking into account information about the situation in Turkey, Blue Air says that all charter flights scheduled for today, 16 July 2016, are operating under normal conditions. Antalya Airport is open and unrestricted.

Blue Air charter

Blue Air, together with its partner tour operators, has scheduled for 8 flights from Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Suceava and Timisoara to Antalya today.

PHOTO: Matthias Vukovich / Live from Antalya airport

The operating decision came after the consultations during the night with the tour representatives of the partner operators, with the handling agencies from Antalya, but also with the representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In parallel, throughout the day, Blue Air representatives were in constant contact with the flight crews. They reconfirmed that there was no noticeable pressure sign at the airport in Antalya, as operations were normal.

In this way, Blue Air wants to reassure the passengers that, in close connection with the state authorities, but also with the partner tour operators, the situation is being monitored. And the flights are operated according to the schedule established and communicated.

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