Blue Air runs the "Fly to the Country" program. Dozens of weekly flights between the big cities of Romania.

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Blue Air reconnects Romanians with the places and people they love, who define and inspire them. Blue Air domestic flights bring Romania together, bringing together Bucharest, Oradea, Baia Mare, Timisoara, Bacau, Iasi and Cluj in a flight schedule that offers the best connectivity, accessibility and flexibility for travel in the country.

Blue Air aims to promote travel in the country and encourage both the discovery and rediscovery of tourist attractions and local traditions, and the capitalization of the cultural and economic potential of each destination, relying on fast and accessible connections.

Blue Air runs the "Fly to the Country" program

Prices for flights on Blue Air domestic routes start at 9.99 euros per segment, and the flight duration is 55 minutes. In less than an hour you can travel from Bucharest to one of the main cities of Romania, and the price of a plane ticket is lower compared to any other means of travel.

The flight is carried out in complete safety, because Blue Air applies a protocol of maximum sanitary safety both on board, but during embarkation and disembarkation operations.

Blue Air will operate up to 42 weekly flights on the 7 domestic routes

  • Bucharest - Timisoara: 12 flights / week INCREASED FREQUENCY
  • Bucharest - Cluj Napoca: 9 flights / week INCREASED FREQUENCY
  • Bucharest - Iasi: 6 flights / week INCREASED FREQUENCY
  • Bucharest - Baia Mare: 4 flights / week
  • Bucharest - Oradea: 4 flights / week
  • Bacău - Bucharest Otopeni: 4 flights / week
  • Bacău - Cluj Napoca: 3 flights / week

Thanks to these domestic flights operated by Blue Air, in 2017 we managed to # UnimRomânia in a beautiful trip. And also thanks to these flights, we managed to travel cheap and fast to Iaşi, Cluj, Timisoara and, more recently, Oradea city.

During this uncertain period for traveling abroad, we recommend you to rediscover Romania.

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