Blue Air flights on request: Larnaca (Cyprus) - Bucharest (Romania) on May 17, 2020

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During the state of emergency in Romania, Blue Air suspended all regular flights, from all bases. However, there are serious reasons why some people want to travel.

That's why, as there are no travel restrictions to and from your desired destination, Blue Air operates La Demand flights. IMPORTANT: you must take on the responsibility of self-isolation or quarantine required by the authorities of the respective states, including if you come to Romania.

Blue Air flies on request: Larnaca - Bucharest

During this period, if there are enough travel requests, Blue Air will organize Flights on request, introducing special flights - open to all those who need to travel to or from the few destinations where flights are still possible.

Due to the fact that most flights are restricted, Blue Air asks you to consult the travel conditions in force in each country. For more information - click here!

Do you need to travel? In order for this desire to be fulfilled, the first step is to submit your request (for each passenger separately), by completing form on the Blue Air website.

Blue Air flights scheduled on request

Sunday, May 17:
Larnaca - Bucharest Otopeni (11:00 - 13:15). For reservations press HERE.

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