Blue Air gives up the flights Iași - Cluj - Timișoara from February 17

In a post on the social network - Facebook, Blue Air announced that it will give up triangular flights on the route Iasi - Cluj - Timisoara.

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Yesterday, around 15: 15, the Blue Air account on facebook posted the following message!


Dear passengers,
Due to the frictions created by the Traian Vuia International Airport in Timișoara, we have to inform you about the decision of Blue Air to cancel Timișoara-Iași-Cluj flights with immediate effect.

It is a pity that after a long collaboration we reach such a point, but it seems that the presence of Romanian companies on the Romanian market is disturbing more and more.
The operation of the flights on this route is suspended from the date of 17 February 2018.

Blue Air gives up flights Iași - Cluj - Timișoara

It does not mention exactly what these frictions are, but it does bring up the idea that Romanian carriers would disturb the Romanian market. A similar scandal was also between Carpatair and the "Traian Vuia" International Airport in Timișoara.

Also during yesterday, "Traian Vuia" International Airport Timișoara issued the following press release!

Regarding the articles published in the media regarding the possible withdrawal of the flights operated by the company Blue Air on the routes Timisoara - Cluj - Iasi, starting with February 17 2018, Timisoara Airport makes the following details:

1. The operation of Blue Air company at Timisoara Airport is based on the operating and handling contracts concluded between the parties. The operating rates are those published, transparently, in AIP Romania and applied, in a non-discriminatory way, absolutely to all the airlines operating on Timisoara / Traian Vuia Airport. These have not undergone significant changes in the last 5 years and, therefore, it cannot be about an increase of the tariffs that will determine possible dissatisfaction of the airline operator.

2. The flight schedule for Timisoara Airport is carried out in accordance with the requests of Blue Air and in correlation with the times set for operating in / from Cluj and Iasi. Timisoara Airport was not, is not and will not become a "coordinated slot airport" in the near future. Therefore, the company Blue Air has no restrictions imposed by Timisoara Airport regarding the operating hours of the flights.

3. The presence of other low-cost operators at Timisoara Airport does not affect Blue Air traffic for a very simple reason: Blue Air is the only airline that operates air routes on the Timisoara - Iasi - Cluj route. The fact that Wizzair and Ryanair operate at different airports in England, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Israel does not affect Blue Air's operations. Therefore, the assertion that the flights operated by Blue Air at Timisoara Airport are affected by "the increasingly aggressive presence that foreign low-cost companies have on the Romanian market" is a misstep.

As for the collaboration between Timisoara Airport and Blue Air, this is indeed a long-term one and, without doubt, with beneficial effects for both parties.

The press release of Blue Air was a surprise for us because, although there were some inter-departmental misunderstandings, there was no prior direct communication between the decision makers directly involved in the collaboration between the two companies, namely: Directors Sales, Economic Directors and General Managers.

We consider that, in essence, Timisoara Airport must offer on the basis of the contracts concluded between the parties airport services in accordance with ICAO international requirements and standards, and the airline must pay for the use of the airport infrastructure and for the provision of the specific services.

Any discrepancy arising in the collaboration between the two companies, in the plans mentioned above, can be resolved amicably, if this is desired. Therefore, we consider that, in the coming days, the management of the two companies can find solutions that satisfy the interest of both parties and which, in addition to the legitimate commercial interests, will lead to the continuation of the provision of quality air transport services offered to our client. common - the passenger.

We will follow this conflict and come back with information. The rumors are divided, and the truth somewhere in the middle.

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