Blue Air maintains its base in Cyprus. See which flights will be operated from Larnaca after June 21, 2020!

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected aviation and tourism globally and, implicitly, in Romania. TAROM and Blue Air need financial support to be able to go through this difficult and unstable period.

In April, The government approved the granting of the rescue loan for both Romanian airlines. It's just that travel restrictions have blocked planes from landing. Since March, for 2 months, TAROM and Blue Air have not operated domestic or international flights. An exception was TAROM, which kept the Bucharest-Athens route active.

In these difficult and uncertain times, Blue Air decided to suspend domestic flights from Romania and international flights from / to Romania until July 1. But don't expect it to return to the pre-COVID operational program. Blue Ai has greatly reduced the number of flights on most routes and even suspended routes.

Blue Air maintains its base in Cyprus

Analyzing the Blue Air reservation system, we notice that the base in Larnaca will remain active. Only one aircraft will be maintained, which will operate flights on the routes: Larnaca - Athens (6 weekly flights since June 21), Larnaca - Thessaloniki (2 flights from 21 June to 30 June and 4 weekly flights from 2 July) and Larnaca - Bucharest (4 weekly flights from July 1).

Bucharest - Larnaca with Blue Air, after July 1

0B 137 Bucureşti 15:35 - 17:45 Larnaca Wednesday, Saturday
0B 137 Bucureşti 09:35 - 11:45 Larnaca Sunday
0B 137 Bucureşti 21:20 - 23:30 Larnaca months
0B 138 Larnaca 12:30 - 14:50 Bucureşti Wednesday, Saturday
0B 138 Larnaca 06:30 - 08:50 Bucureşti Sunday
0B 138 Larnaca 18:05 - 20:35 Bucureşti months

TICKETS can be purchased from the BLUE AIR website.

We are optimistic, but at the same time realistic. Given that the COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing, we recommend caution and patience. Travel responsibly! We are also waiting to see the new travel conditions, which will be imposed by the authorities for social distancing..

* The routes and flight schedules are established by the airline in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed by the authorities of those countries. Flights could be resumed earlier than July 1, but can also be postponed after July 1.

* AirlinesTravel is not responsible for operational changes, flights or airline tickets.

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