Blue Air launches project "#ZBOR"

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Blue Air, the first private air transport company in Romania, launched the project "#zbor" on the Blue Air Tickets Facebook page and on the dedicated website


Thus, in just 30 seconds, you can find out which is the cheapest flight to your desired vacation destination. Find now the best rate, within 30 days!

You must go to the Blue Air Tickets Facebook page to write "#flight”And the desired destination and you will receive a quick response with the lowest price for the chosen plane ticket. It is very simple!

"Because it always follows the latest online communication trends, the Blue Air marketing team has developed the" #flight "project to give its passengers the opportunity to identify in less than 30 seconds the information they are interested in, about the company's flights in 28 European destinations ",

stressed Raluca Pauna, Online Marketing Manager Blue Air.

I did a little simulation on the route Bucharest - Barcelona. He didn't return the lowest price, but he returned a pretty good one. A sign that it still needs to be finished.

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