Blue Air launches the "Fly in the country" campaign with prices from 9.99 euros. Flights from Bucharest to Iasi, Cluj, Oradea and Timisoara.

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Starting with July 17, 2020, Blue Air introduces in the flight schedule two domestic destinations: Bucharest - Timisoara and Bucharest - Oradea. And it supplements the flights to and from Cluj.  

Starting today, Blue Air passengers can purchase tickets for the new domestic flights in Romania starting from the price of 9.99 euros per segment.

In order to meet the demand of its passengers and Romanian travel agencies to have fast and comfortable connections between key regions in Romania, and in conditions of increasing uncertainty given the increase in COVID-19 cases and the continuation of the situation alert and restrictions imposed by various European states, Blue Air resumes flights from Bucharest to Oradea and Timisoara and supplements flights to all destinations in Romania. The exception is the airport in Bacău, which is undergoing renovation works on the runway starting with August 15; during the period when Bacău Airport will be closed, passengers will be transferred to Suceava.

Blue Air launches "Fly in the Country" campaign

In order to mark this decision of strategic repositioning of the company in order to serve with priority the needs of the Romanian passengers and of the Romanian tourism and entrepreneurial environment, Blue Air starts the campaign on the weekend of July 17-19. "Fly in the country", where passengers can purchase tickets for all domestic routes with prices starting at 9.99 euros. The campaign is valid for flights with travel dates between 7 August 2020 and 27 March 2021.

Blue Air passengers can choose from over 20 domestic flights per week to / from Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Oradea and Timisoara.

Thus, both during the 2020 Summer Schedule and the 2021 Winter Schedule, Blue Air will operate the following domestic routes in Romania:

"At Blue Air, we are glad that, in difficult conditions for the entire economy, we can support the goal of reconnecting Romania, providing entrepreneurs and travel agencies with the necessary routes to effectively manage their business in these conditions.

Any period of crisis also brings opportunities, and we at Blue Air are determined to take advantage of them to create an even more attractive product for our passengers. Like Amsterdam, which is a destination we have long wanted, I am sure that Oradea and Timisoara will be destinations especially appreciated by our passengers in the corporate-entrepreneurial segment, which we are determined to address as a priority. through our post-COVID commercial repositioning strategy. ” - says Oana Petrescu, CEO of Blue Air.

  1. Ciprian Fercal says

    First of all, it is very good that it promotes Romania and has very low prices for flights, but unfortunately it does not run from Suceava because it needs a lot of promotion and tourists who want to get to Bucovina must take the Tarom, which is very expensive.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      This is not about the airline. It's about the potential, the local negotiations. Blue Air has an IASI-based aircraft. It would be expensive to move its activities to Suceava as well…. But who knows? We'll see what plans he develops…

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