Blue Air launches the Pre-Flight Reminder program

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Blue Air launches the program Pre-Flight Reminder. I am pleasantly surprised to see that a low cost company is implementing this service. Thus, with 2 days before the date of travel, each Blue Air passenger will receive one personalized newsletter, information that will include general data about the trip, details of the optional services chosen by the passenger, as well as the attention on some actions that had to be done by the passenger and were not performed.

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An example would be the online check-in service. It is free and requires the printing of the boarding pass, which must be presented, together with the identification documents, at the boarding gate, border police and security control. In case the passenger showed up at the airport but did not check in online at the destinations where the service is available), he must pay an additional fee for issuing the boarding pass.

Through the Pre-Flight Reminder program, the Blue Air passenger is notified that he has not checked in online and thus eliminates a possible discomfort to pay an extra cost at the airport.

Moreover, for passengers who choose different additional travel ticket services, such as transporting pets or transporting sports equipment, Pre-Flight Reminder information will include travel rules for these options, thus saving the passenger search time of these rules.

The Pre-Flight Reminder program has been specially designed to facilitate and improve communication between Blue Air and its passengers as much as possible, so that they have a pleasant trip.

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