Blue Air: The fight for a return to normalcy and actions for recovery

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During the period of complete suspension of scheduled flights, Blue Air took all steps to ensure the continuity of its activity in the new context of flight restrictions and limited demand, as well as obtaining the financial resources necessary for the resumption of activity and strategic recovery.

On 23 April 2020, The Government of Romania approved the beginning of the procedure for granting state aid in the form of credit or guarantee to cover the losses generated by the cessation of activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement by Oana Petrescu, CEO of Blue Air

"The Blue Air, we can't wait to resume flights as the restrictions are lifted and we get the financial resources to operate a predictable flight schedule. During this difficult period we continued to fly on request to make possible repatriations or trips to work - flights organized by our customers and approved by the authorities - as well as cargo for the transport of masks, medical equipment and food.

To get through this period, the Blue Air team has launched a rigorous plan to adapt to the new economic conditions, including fleet optimization and technical unemployment measure for over 90% of colleagues and reducing salaries for all remaining in business. This is our way of showing ourselves, and in context this crisis, the commitment to the front of our profession, towards Romania and towards passengers. ” says Oana Petrescu, CEO of Blue Air.

Blue Air has announced the resumption of flights frequent / regular as of 1 July 2020. Were taken as well safety measures in the context generated by COVID-19. The mask is obligatory! The resumption of flights comes bundled with a number of operational changes.

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