fbpx Blue Air moves all flights to Turin at Caselle airport

Blue Air transfers all flights to Turin at Caselle airport

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Since May 25, Blue Air, the first smart flying company in Romania, announces the relocation of direct flights from Bucharest and Bacau to Caselle Airport, an airport just 16 km from Turin.

"Operating the flights at major airports is part of Blue Air's concept of smart flying, which differentiates the company from the low-cost ones.

It is important to know by the passengers who have already bought travel tickets for Turin-Cuneo that the flight schedule will not change, but they will only arrive much faster in the destination city by operating the flights by Blue Air at the Turin airport. - Boxes.
Turin - Caselle represents for Blue Air the first external operational base in Italy from which we operate flights to Catania, Bari, Ibitza, as well as the Catania - Bari route (via Torino-Caselle), "said Gheorghe RACARU, General Manager, Blue Air.

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