Blue Air passengers recovered over 5 million EURO through chargeback

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At the moment, the situation of the Blue Air company is uncertain, it suspended flights in September, initially due to seizures on accounts, and then due to lack of liquidity and due to some controversial situations. Tens of thousands of passengers were affected by the canceled flights, ANPC stating that their number is 100. Many of them requested the money in their wallets, others requested a refund, but unfortunately only some of those affected managed to really get your money back.


Passengers affected by the problems faced by Blue Air had three options at their disposal, proposed by the company: creating an electronic wallet, refunding the amount or rerouting on an available flight when the activity resumes.

What is certain is that, at present, Blue Air admits that it does not have sufficient funds to compensate all affected customers, nor to resume operational activities. So the only real option would be to refund the amount, but as mentioned above, the company doesn't have the money to pay the damages. In this context, many passengers sought the help of banks to recover their money.

"Until now, approximately 37.680 electronic wallets have been created with a total value of approximately 6.000.000 euros. We can also confirm that the amount of 5.000.000 euros was reimbursed directly through the chargeback procedure to Blue Air passengers", Blue Air representatives showed for Fanatik.

The chargeback / payment refusal procedure can be activated if the customer made the payment with a credit / debit card directly to the airline. In such cases, so-called bank disputes can be opened, within a maximum of 15 days from the date of receipt of proof of flight cancellation. Some banks have even issued one guide in this regard, for damaged customers.

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