Blue Air retains its Turin base. See the destinations it will operate starting with July 1, 2020!

Blue Air retains its Turin base. See the destinations it will operate starting with July 1, 2020!

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The COVID-19 pandemic severely affected aviation and tourism, including in Romania. Blue Air is going through a difficult period, needing financial support from the authorities. And The government approved the granting of the rescue loan.

But even so, our sources say that Blue Air will reduce the fleet and greatly reduce the operational network. In fact, we can see for ourselves in the reservation system that Blue has greatly reduced the number of international flights and routes, but also on internal routes.

From our verifications, in addition to the bases in Romania, Blue Air retains the Larnaca base and base in Turin. Each with an assigned plane.

Leaving the base in Turin, Blue Air significantly reduced the operational program. Starting with July 1, flights will be operated on the routes: Turin - Naples; Turin - Catania; Turin - Lamezia Terme; Turin - Trapani and Turin - Alghero.

Blue Air flights from Turin base

We are optimistic, but at the same time realistic. Given that the COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing, we recommend caution and patience. Travel responsibly! We are also waiting to see the new travel conditions, which will be imposed by the authorities for social distancing.

* The routes and flight schedules are established by the airline in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed by the authorities in those countries. Flights could be resumed earlier than July 1, but can also be postponed after July 1.

* AirlinesTravel is not responsible for operational changes, flights or airline tickets.

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