The Blue Air Pilots' Union asks the Romanian Government to speed up the completion of the state-guaranteed loan process.

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The Blue Air Pilots' Union addressed an open letter to the Romanian Government through which it points out the urgent need to complete the process of granting of the state-guaranteed loan, which was approved by GEO 139 of August 19, 2020.

We let you know today that Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) has not (yet) met all the conditions for the state-guaranteed loan to reach Blue Air.

But let's get back to the action of the Blue Air Pilots union. Below you have the open letter addressed to the Government of Romania.

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We are already in September 2020, 5 months after the date on which the Romanian Government announced with great pomp that it had approved a state guarantee loan for Blue Air. Then he came GEO 139 of August 19, 2020, which said the same thing. And after a month, the money still hasn't reached Blue Air.

Reimbursements for passengers affected by flights canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic depend on this money.

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