Blue Air reimbursed only 30% of the amounts owed to passengers for tickets canceled due to restrictions

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The COVID-19 pandemic has literally brought aviation to its knees. Hundreds of airlines had to cancel thousands of flights, suspend routes, block thousands of planes on the ground, but at the same time they had to pay salaries, rents, operating taxes and duties.

All the while, millions of passengers were left with canceled plane tickets and blocked money. Following cancellations due to travel restrictions, airlines have chosen to offer passengers more options: vouchers for future trips, free flight rescheduling and refunds.

Blue Air reimbursed only 30% of the amounts owed to passengers

It's just that in terms of repayments, the waiting times were and still are very long. Airlines need cash flow to stay in the market, to be operational. The amounts collected on the tickets ensured the salaries of some employees, the fuel for the aircraft, the rents and the operational taxes were paid. Unfortunately, the small number of passengers cannot provide the necessary financial turnover, not in full, and the companies have borrowed.

In Romania, Blue Air is one of the companies affected by the pandemic and with large debts to passengers. Conformable, Blue Air managed to reimburse only 30% of the amounts owed to passengers for tickets canceled due to restrictions.

The loan guaranteed by the state was conditioned by the payment of debts to ANAF, which led to its consumption in a very short time. The lack of passengers has led to a reduction in the number of flights, and the money received barely ensures that the company remains on the market. More information can be found on

The only chance for Blue Air to return to normal, ie to be able to pay the debts, to reimburse the money to the passengers, to have traffic and profit, is to lift the travel restrictions. And this will be possible if the world is immunized against the new coronavirus. The vaccine will play a key role in resuming people's free activities, which could lead to more air travel.

And no, bankruptcy is not the answer. So we hope that Blue Air can continue to fly and eventually reimburse the amounts owed to passengers. Plus, an extra player on the Romanian market means lower fares for airline tickets in general.

  1. Viorel says

    I have been recovering 684 euros since March last year, because I opted for a refund and they promised to do it. Who are the 30% if I was among the first?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      They did not announce the criteria. They certainly weren't the first to come, the first to be served. Others may have taken tickets in 2019 for 2020 and may have been among the first. I know that some money was returned with the help of banks, only for purchases directly by bank transfers to Blue Air.

  2. Florin says

    I will sue them, I am tired of waiting for my money back on the canceled trip. Some nonsense specifically Romanian.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Good luck!

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