Blue Air stewards wear the Romanian AI on 24 June

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Romanian air transport company Blue Air will promote Romania, on 24 June, in a unique campaign, which will take place on board its aircraft.

On Monday, June 24, all Blue Air's flight attendants will meet passengers traveling to Paris, Malaga, London, Madrid, Milan, Bologna, Larnaca, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Valencia and Turin, dressed in IE.

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Blue Air wants to promote in Europe one of our national symbols and urges travelers to join the campaign to support RomaniaIEI. On 24 June, passengers who will fly with Blue Air, to and from Bucharest and Bacau, receive a gift from the company if they come on board the aircraft dressed in Romanian IE, from all areas, in traditional, artisanal or stylized style.

IA is a symbol of the identity of the Romanian space, which dates back to ancient times, being worn on holidays. All the Romanians who will celebrate this day, dressing up in IE, can send surprised photos on board the aircraft, to the email address [email protected] or directly on the Blue Air Facebook page.

The night of 23 to 24 June is the Night of the Sânzienelor and at the same time a good opportunity to make known in the world a beautiful Romanian tradition, along with the main piece from our traditional port.

On 24 June, the Romanian AI will be celebrated on 6 continents, in 44 of countries, 88 of localities, and in total there will be no less than 99 of events. Blue Air is waiting for you (i) dressed in IE on board the aircraft and then we turn the AI ​​into the country brand!

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    The ones worn by the BlueAir flight attendants are from IIANA - Ie romaneasca

    Let's carry on the tradition!

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