Blue Air team up with PayPal / See the top of the tickets purchased through Paypal

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On February 4, notifies you that Blue Air allows the payment of plane tickets through PayPal. At 2 months after this article, PayPal and Blue Air present some interesting statistics about Romanians' preferences.

PayPal and Blue Air with a partnership. Thanks to this, Blue Air travelers can now book and pay for air tickets online, using a fast and secure payment tool.


Blue Air teams up with PayPal

"We are extremely pleased to announce that Blue Air flights, available via, can now be purchased using PayPal. Blue Air is committed to providing customers with varied and convenient options when purchasing air tickets and PayPal is clearly an optimal choice because it offers customers the benefit of a secure online payment. ”- says Tudor Constantinescu, Commercial Director of Blue Air.

According to Blue Air, the favorite routes of the Romanians, for whom they paid the plane tickets through PayPal, are: Stuttgart - Sibiu, London - Bucharest and Rome - Bacău.

"About 95% of Romanian travelers choose the airlines with which they move according to the ticket price, 83% pays attention to the baggage policy and 76% is oriented according to the destinations offered. Blue Air offers Romanians all these options ”- says Matt Komorowski, PayPal Sales Director in Central and Eastern Europe. "We have seen that they are constantly working to provide innovative solutions that improve the customer experience, and PayPal is also doing the same. That is why we are pleased to be able to help Blue Air make payments even faster, safer and more convenient. ”

"The digital goods market is one of the fastest growing retail categories, and travel tickets and online bookings are an important part of this market. Thanks to the protection we provide, customers have a higher degree of confidence when purchasing such products and services ”- adds Matt Komorowski.

  1. somesan says

    Hello. I am an avid reader of meaning that I visit at least three times a day on the site to see what's new. Unfortunately I didn't see anything about the inaugural Cluj-Warsaw flight with LOT.

    Silviu Somesan

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I wrote about the new route Warsaw - Cluj. But regarding the inauguration, I published more information on the facebook page: There was no point in repeating the information!

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