Blue Air will challenge the ANPC decision

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Contacted by, Oana Petrescu, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Blue Air stated that the operator will challenge the ANPC decision.

"It is not natural to find such a thing in the press. I just checked, the company did not receive any communication in this regard from ANPC. Furthermore, the numbers are wrong - refers to all tickets canceled during that period due to pandemic waves 3, 4 and 5 (which in any case represent less than 10% of the total Blue Air flights during that period). Of the total number of passengers mentioned, most have either already traveled or will travel this summer.

I do not understand why the Authority considered it necessary to make this announcement to the public before clarifying all issues with the company. Is a difficult period for the entire aviation, and the management and people of Blue Air make a huge effort to solve every day all the challenges that arise, so that our passengers have the predictability so necessary for a pleasant and safe holiday; I really don't understand why we need to have this discussion now, with the press, before we had a direct communication between the company and the authority, as would have been natural ", said for, Oana Petrescu.

We remind you that ANPC announced in a press release that Blue Air was fined 2 million EURO!

  1. VT says

    I am absolutely dismayed by this person's reaction. From my own experience I am one of the victims. Flight canceled twice. For months I have been asking for a refund and no answer. No one answers the call center number. This company should not be fined but investigated criminally.

    1. Sorin says

      Make a request with cc to ANPC.

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