Blue Air will have a new CEO, Steven Greenway

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Blue Air is appointing a CEO with over 25 years of international experience in low cost aviation to coordinate the relaunch of pandemic operations. Oana Petrescu continues her mission at Blue Air as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Oana Petrescu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Blue Air: “I am pleased to announce that Steven Greenway has taken over as CEO of Blue Air as of March 1, 2022. Steven has over 25 years of experience in the low-cost aviation industry - both in Europe and in the United States, Australia and Canada. and is a professional recognized for its outstanding focus on passenger experience - both in-flight and online and at the airport, and for its integrated vision of the future of low-cost aviation. In the last 6 months Steven has already been an integral part of our team of specialists with the help of which we have reviewed and finalized both the landmarks of our ambition to become a major player in the European low-cost market and the company's post-pandemic recovery plan. the financing strategy of this plan."

Although the demand for low-cost transport between European countries is still low due to travel restrictions imposed by various states, Blue Air is preparing to return to operational levels similar to those before the pandemic from June.

Blue Air believes that the coming months will be critical to how the European aviation market will be reshaped after the pandemic, and that the company's future in the coming years depends on the discipline of mobilizing resources in the next period to operate a profitable summer season. to position itself as the first choice of passengers for the destinations it serves.

Steven Greenway, CEO of Blue Air:For the last 6 months I have had the privilege of working with the Blue Air team, of understanding the story and the course of the company, and I am delighted with this opportunity. I look forward to joining the Blue Air team starting March 1st and continuing the recovery plan that will establish Blue Air as the leader in low cost air transport in Europe.

I would also like to express my full appreciation for the work done by Oana Petrescu and the entire management team in managing operations in the exceptionally difficult context represented by the COVID-19 pandemic, managing to capitalize on the opportunities that have arisen. I continue to rely on Oana's full support as Chair of the Board of Directors and as my staff advisor.

Right now, Blue Air has all the ingredients for success: an incredibly passionate and professional team, a new, fuel-efficient fleet of Boeing 737 MAX8 aircraft, solid IT investment, and a high-performance network of convenient airports and highly sought after destinations. We are preparing for a robust performance starting this summer. ”

After two years in which Blue Air has continuously adjusted its operating level, fleet size, IT systems, network service, and continuously invested in improving the travel experience of its passengers, the company is ready to begin a new stage of development.

With a team united by a passion for flight and travel, which has proven its professionalism and dedication in the most complicated situations, and a fleet consisting predominantly of new and new generation aircraft, Blue Air offers its passengers a pleasant and eco-friendly flying experience. -friendly. With the new Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft to be received this year, Blue Air will become one of the companies with the newest fleets in Europe.

Blue Air operates a network of airports and business and leisure destinations designed to meet the most frequent requests of passengers and to offer the The Better Way to Fly experience: safe, comfortable, eco-friendly and always at affordable prices.

"Steven shares the same values ​​with us and has the same ambitions," says Oana Petrescu. "In addition, his experience in international aviation and the support he has received from a number of investors interested in Blue Air's story and ambition are additional guarantees of the realism and feasibility of our plan.

I am confident that, with the continued support and trust of the entire Blue Air team, our passengers and partners, and the Romanian state, and with Steven at the helm of the Blue Air team, we will be able to make our slogan "the better way to fly." reality, and Blue Air to become a solid and profitable low-cost airline that competes on an equal footing with our major European competitors. ”

Steven Greenway is a professional with extensive international exposure and extensive experience in the airline industry (especially low cost airlines), and in tourism, with a track record of developing and delivering innovative high-performance strategies and solutions. and create sustainable and profitable business. Steven has over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry, with key roles in Europe as well as the United States, Australia and Canada in success stories such as Swoop, WestJet, Scoot, SkyEurope, Virgin Blue, Virgin Atlantic or Qantas.

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