Blue Air will not resume flights on October 10

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As expected, Blue Air will not resume flights on October 10. They also issued a press release in this direction.


The multiple financial and operational difficulties generated by the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt in a severe manner by all airlines, but with even greater intensity by private regional airlines struggling for survival.

Despite these difficulties and other adverse elements, Blue Air – a proud private Romanian company, is making every effort to resume flight operations.

For this purpose, Blue Air is currently in discussions with potential investors, lenders and the Government of Romania to restructure its capital profile, so that air operations can resume.

Considering, however, the complexity of this process, Blue Air is unfortunately not yet able to resume flying from 10 October 2022. Blue Air will make an announcement as soon as ongoing discussions are completed as to when it expects its fleet to take off again.

Blue Air sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused to passengers as well as its employees, creditors and suppliers, and continues to make every effort to minimize delays in order to resume operations.

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