Blue Bistro - culinary indulgence on board the Blue Air plane

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Low-cost airlines did not include the catering service in the price of the plane ticket, but offered drinks and various other products for a fee. Many of these companies do not serve hot menus, but only a number of sandwiches and snacks.

Blue Air, the Romanian low-cost company, announces 6 hot, fresh and delicious menus from which you can choose your favorite meal. At any time of the day, Blue Air welcomes you with the right kind of food: breakfast and main course for lunch / dinner. In addition, they are accompanied by a dessert. Croissants, pancakes filled with ham and cheese, along with a white cheese sauce, hazelnuts and veggies, plus many other things - will delight and diversify your dining experience.

In 2013, I flew with Blue Air to Madrid. I would have liked to have the opportunity to choose one of these menus and thus not have to pay 2-3 EUR for a chocolate bar. Blue Air announces that a breakfast costs 7.5 eurosand the lunch / dinner menu costs 9.5 euros.

The menu can be selected when you buy your plane ticket or later, and the meal will be served on board. The menus can be booked up to 14 hours before the flight, but before you check in online. The menus are available for flights departing from / to Bucharest and Sibiu, but only for flights regularly operated by Blue Air. The preferred menu can be reserved on, at the Call Center or at the Blue Air Agencies and partners.

And we are waiting for the first impressions from those who will test these menus. Leave comments with feedback on this service provided by Blue Air.

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