BLUE WEEKEND Blue Air: 9999 seats at 9.99 EURO / segment

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For three days, from Friday to Sunday, Blue Air passengers are invited to sail on, to choose the next destination and to book the desired flight for only 9,99 euro / segment.

Through this promotion, Blue Air wants to meet the desire of its passengers to travel and encourage the return to flight, relying on affordable prices for all and confidence in the rigor of safety protocols on board.

The BLUE WEEKEND promotion offers 9 seats at the price of 999 euros on all routes and destinations in the "Blue Air Winter Schedule", including the winter holidays, the most beloved holiday of Romanians.

After an extremely difficult period, during which the whole world was forced to give up travel and postpone its plans, Blue Air aims to send a message of confidence in flight and urge to return to the joy of traveling.

The promotion is valid from October 23-25, 2020, for all bookings with travel dates between October 23, 2020 - March 31, 2021.

Blue Air takes care of its passengers so that they have a carefree flight. The trip will take place in complete safety, because Blue Air has taken it all health safety measures both on board and during embarkation and disembarkation operations.

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