bmibaby stops operating until September 2012

bmibaby stops operating until September 2012

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Bmibaby, a British low-cost company, will stop operating until September 2012. International Airlines Group does not want to invest and has not found a reliable buyer for the British company.

The operator will stop the activity in two stages. The first will be with 19 canceled routes from 11 to June 2012, while the rest will be canceled from 10 to September 2012.

Courses that will stop from 11 June 2012:
Belfast City - Alicante
Belfast City - Amsterdam
Belfast City - Birmingham
Belfast City - East Midlands
Belfast City - Lighthouse
Belfast City - Ibiza
Belfast City - London Stansted
Belfast City - Mahon
Belfast City - Malaga
Belfast City - Palma de Mallorca
Birmingham - Amsterdam
Birmingham - Knock
East Midlands - Amsterdam
East Midlands - Edinburgh
East Midlands - Geneva
East Midlands - Glasgow
East Midlands - Newquay
East Midlands - Women
East Midlands - Paris CDG

Cancellations from 10 September 2012:
Birmingham - Alicante
Birmingham - Barcelona
Birmingham - Lighthouse
Birmingham - Lisbon
Birmingham - Malaga
Birmingham - Murcia
Birmingham - Women
Birmingham - Palma Mallorca
Birmingham - Prague
Birmingham - Rome
East Midlands - Alghero
East Midlands - Alicante
East Midlands - Almeria
East Midlands - Barcelona
East Midlands - Catania
East Midlands - Corfu
East Midlands - Dubrovnik
East Midlands - Lighthouse
East Midlands - Gibraltar
East Midlands - Ibiza
East Midlands - Jersey
East Midlands - Mahon
East Midlands - Malaga
East Midlands - Malta
East Midlands - Murcia
East Midlands - Naples
East Midlands - Palma de Mallorca
East Midlands - Venice
East Midlands - Verona

It is good to keep in mind the above mentioned program! But someone is ready to take advantage of the bankruptcy of Bmibaby. Monarch Airlines, one of the largest charter companies in the UK, is ready to open new bases instead of bmibaby.

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