Why does Boeing use 7 and Airbus uses 3 on behalf of aircraft?

We are trying to answer an dilemma in the aviation world: Why does Boeing use the 7 figure and Airbus uses the 3 figure on behalf of aircraft?

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Boeing and Airbus are the largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, serving carriers around the world. If you have flown so far in Romania or abroad, chances are that you will be on board a plane produced by one of the two companies. You have probably seen that the aircraft has a type name: A320, B737, B747, A380 etc.

The series of all Boeing commercial aircraft starts with the 7 figure and ends with the same figure, while on the Airbus the "magic" figure is the 3. Is it just a coincidence or is there a decision made behind this "baptism"? We invite you to discover the answer!

Why does Boeing use the 7 figure on behalf of aircraft?

For a long time, Boeing produced military aircraft, and the series of these models did not meet the start rule, but were of the model 40, Model 80, Model 247, Model 307 Stratoliner and Model 377 Stratocruiser.

Despite all the myths circulating about the significance of this figure, the explanation is logical and simple. After World War II, Boeing also decided to focus on commercial aircraft production.

Thus new areas of development appeared in the company, and each received a number. For example: 500 was used for turbine engines, 600 for missiles, and 700 was assigned to commercial aircraft.

When the first commercial aircraft was launched, the marketing department decided that the 700 series did not have a strong enough impact, so the number with a special resonance was chosen - 707. And from here Boeing continued with 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787. Will 797 follow? We will see! The rest is history :). With few exceptions (see model 720, which has the number 7 only at the beginning), Boeing continues the tradition today.

Why does Airbus use the 3 figure on behalf of aircraft?

In the case of Airbus, things are even simpler. When the European-origin manufacturer named its aircraft, it retained the A from Airbus, and the 300 series appeared with the development of the 300 aircraft. This is how the Airbus A300 family of aircraft was born.

Airbus A300B2 (which had 270 seats) was the first widebody commercial aircraft model with 2 engines and entered service in 1974, under the Air France livery. At that time, long-haul aircraft had to be equipped with 3 or 4 engines. Here is a start for everyone!

A310, A320, A330, A340, A350, A380 aircraft series followed. Why are A360 and A370 missing? When they started designing the A3XX (the current A380), the engineers considered joining the fuselages of two A340 aircraft. But not in height, but in breadth. As the result would have looked horrible, however, they decided to build a double-deck aircraft. In the section, the aircraft looks like an 8, hence A380.

At the same time, A380 can carry up to 800 passengers, being the only aircraft in the world with this capacity in a class. We could say that the name of A380 is also derived from the transport capacity.

Ready, elucidated mystery :)! Cheap flights to have!

Article written by Oana Cristiana Groza!

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