Boeing 720 and the last flight

Boeing 720 and the last flight

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I tell you daily about what happens in the world of civil aviation, but has it always been like this? How were the planes from 10-15-20 years ago? I like to take a look at history and find out interesting things, and then tell them. Today I'm writing about you Boeing 720, a model that was not very successful, but flew to 2008 on commercial flights.

Boeing 720 was a small and medium-sized aircraft with a short fuselage and up to 160 passenger capacity. There were two versions of 720. The first appeared in 1959 and entered service in 1960. It was fitted with the Pratt & Whitney JT4C 3 turboprops. The second version appeared very quickly in 1961. The Boeing 720B was equipped with the Pratt & Whitney JT4D twin-turbocharged 3 turbochargers.

Although only 154 units were sold Boeing 720 / 720B, the project was profitable because it was built on the structure of the 707-120 model. And later it was replaced by Boeing 727.

The first 720 aircraft was delivered to United Airlines by 1959. At 5 July 1960, the aircraft began commercial flight on the Los Angeles-Denver-Chicago route. This type of aircraft has been used in 7 countries by approximately 20 of airlines, including: Lufthansa, American Airlines, United Airlines, El Al etc.

In 2008, an 720B took off, for the last time on a commercial route, from Plattsburgh. Pratt & Whitney Canada used Boeing 720 until the fall of 2010, when they replaced it with a Boeing 747SP. In recent years it has been used as a test plane.

In 2012, 53 years after the first flight, the last Boeing 720 was exhibited at the National Air Force Museum of Canada - CFB Trenton in Trenton, Ontario.

I don't really understand why he has such a long nose. Was she a relative of Pinocchio? It really doesn't have a successful design. I don't know if I had boarded this plane to travel. But we must take into account that he was a successful model at the time and flew for decades on different routes.

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