fbpx Boeing 737-300 Belavia World of Tanks

Boeing 737-300 Belavia World of Tanks

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Belavia, the air carrier from Belarus, painted a Boeing 737-300 in colors World of Tanks. The color scheme was created by Wargaming, the company that made the prestigious World of Tanks game.

Livery World of Tanks



Wargaming specialists designed the exterior of the aircraft, and a Czech team was responsible for the concept. Boeing 737-300 was painted in Ostrava, Czech Republic.



For the application of the livery, 1132 of liters of paint and 42 of square meters of print were used. 13 specialists have worked 1800 for hours.

On 29 July, the aircraft landed in Minsk. It was greeted with the traditional greeting of water cannons.

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