Boeing 737, 737 MAX, 787, Airbus A380 - problem aircraft

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I'm writing about airplanes, flights and travel for over 7 years. I started with an article announcing that Airbus delivered the 5000 aircraft from the A320 family. I wrote about new airplanes, about many routes launches, about the success of airlines, or about the failure of some airlines.

I also wrote about aircraft problems. Remember the problems encountered on Boeing 787 aircraft? In 2013, the 787 Dreamliner fleet of aircraft was recorded on the ground due to batteries. They were warming and burning. But Boeing managed to fix the problems, and the 787 Dreamliner aircraft fly safely.

Problem planes

During the 7 years, I wrote about other problems encountered in airplanes, most of them referring to cracks or worn parts before the estimated deadline.

This is what is happening now 737 Next Generation aircraft, which have wear problems in the systems of attachment between the wings and the fuselage. The Boeing 737NG -600, -700, -700C, 800 and 900ER aircraft inspections also made the first "victims". The airlines GOL and Southwest Airlines have discovered planes with problems. 11 respectively 2 Boeing 737NG aircraft have been temporarily withdrawn from operational service to remedy the problems.

And A380 planes are suspicious of cracks at the ends of the wings. EASA has issued a directive requiring detailed inspections of A380 aircraft. 30 cracks of structures made of aluminum (7449) are suspected.

But the biggest crisis is encountered at 737 MAX. The Boeing 737 MAX family of aircraft was recorded on the ground after serious problems were discovered with the MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System). Because of these problems, 2 MAX aircraft crashed under similar conditions. We mention here the aviation accidents the flight JT610 and ET302 flight.

Is Flight a Danger?

The aeronautical authorities and the aircraft manufacturers are working together to launch safe airplanes for commercial flights. But the financial pressure, the pressure of the airlines and the pressure of time lead to such situations. Technology is advancing. New alloys and materials used in the manufacture of airplanes appear. Unfortunately, the short time or scenarios used are not 100% efficient in testing new structures.

Is Flight a Danger? NOT! The plane is still the safest means of transport in the world. Aviation Safety Network statistics shows us those mentioned. Personally, I continue to fly with the same confidence in airplanes and crew as 10 years ago, from 2011 something more. Fly with confidence!

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