Boeing 737-8 MAX wrote "MAX"

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On 11 February 2017, a Boeing 737-8 MAX factory operated an endurance flight, which lasted approximately 9 hours. Instead of flying in a circle all this time, it was decided to change the flight plan into something new.

MAX wrote "MAX"

In about 8 hours of the 9 flight hours, the aircraft Boeing 737-8 MAX wrote "MAX" in flight. The aerial calligraphic work was 997 kilometers long and 277 kilometers high, which ran across Washington and Montana. During this time, the plane flew 5 534 for miles.

Boeing 737-MAX First-Flight

Boeing 737-8 MAX (N8704Q) operates test flights, which are part of the certification process. Last month, the aircraft flew to Yakutsk, Russia, for tests in very cold weather. Ground temperature was -37 C. After 10 test days in Russia, Boeing 737-8 MAX flew to Darwin (Australia), where temperatures were + 32 C.

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