Boeing 737-800 TAROM aircraft will operate cargo flights between Romania and China

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We are in full pandemic of COVID-19. Over 1 million people became infected with the new coronavirus, of which over 50 lost the battle. According to a report published by the World Health Organization, cases of COVID-000 have been reported in 19 countries and regions, ie all over the world.

Borders were closed, routes were suspended, emergency plans were activated and drastic travel restrictions were introduced. Even hundreds of thousands of flights were canceled.

In all this madness, we also face an acute shortage of protective equipment: masks, robes, suits, gloves, disinfectant materials, fans and many other equipment needed to fight the new coronavirus. There is a great deal of pressure on the global cargo air fleet, as well as the only airplanes flying in these troubled times.

TAROM aircraft will operate cargo flights between China and Romania

In order to reduce costs and manage to transport the necessary equipment as quickly as possible, Romania has turned to NATO and Romanian Air Force military planes and TAROM aircraft.

Last days, an aircraft The C-17 Globe Master III transported 100 suits from China. A C-27 J Spartan aircraft of the Romanian Air Force brought 100.000 FFP2 and FFP3 type masks from Turkey.

And now the Boeing 737-800 YR-BGJ TAROM aircraft is flying to Bucharest with medical equipment from SHENZHEN, China. This was configured cargo by removing the seats. It is possible that this aircraft will operate several flights between China and Romania. And some information on I say that the YR-BGK TAROM aircraft will also fly for humanitarian purposes.

TAROM Boeing-737-800-YR-BGJ-Romania-China

TAROM aircraft are not dedicated to long-haul flights, with a range limited to 5500 kilometers. In order to reach Shenzhen, Boeing 737-800 aircraft make refueling in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on and off.

Tonight, the Boeing 737-800 YR-BGJ TAROM will land in Bucharest.

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