A retired Boeing 737 has been transformed into a beautiful luxury villa!

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Many of the commercial airliners, which have accumulated thousands of flight hours over decades of aviation history, end up being withdrawn from operational service and abandoned in aircraft graveyards. Many of them are dismantled for parts, ending up as old beasts. Only a few of these are lucky enough to be renovated and used for another purpose, transformed into restaurants or homes.

There are airplanes converted into restaurants, museums, cafes and even places for private parties. But this Boeing 737 was "lucky" to arrive at a beautiful luxury villa near Nyang-Nyang beach on the Indonesian island of Bali. This is one of the most beautiful transformations of an airplane.

Formerly a member of the Mandala Airlines fleet, the Boeing 737-200 was purchased by developer Felix Demin in 2021 and transported to its current location.

Featuring two bedrooms and a pool, Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens, which is 150 meters above sea level, is available for rent from April, with rates starting at around AUD 7.000/night.

Demin and the owner of the Bubble Hotel Bali hotel chain wanted a plane for personal use, but quickly saw the potential to turn the aircraft into something truly special. A Boeing 737 was chosen, which had originally been bought by an Indonesian developer. The big challenge was to transport it to the present location. However, after discussions with Boeing officials, they chose to dismantle it and reassemble it in the desired area.

According to Demin, who has lived in Bali for about eight years, the whole process took about two months of planning, while the actual transport, which involved two cranes, a huge platform, various specialists and a police escort, took lasted a total of five days. "It was the most sleepless five days of my life," he was quoted as saying by CNN, adding that much of the operation took place at night.

From a Boeing 737 to a beautiful luxury villa in Bali

Once the plane was reassembled, much of the interior was removed and lengthy refurbishment work ensued. Demin says he went to great lengths to ensure the interior matched his original vision. "I want people to experience the 'wow effect' every second of being in this unusual place."

Inside, there is a living room with bar, a sofa bed, as well as two bedrooms with dressing rooms. The cockpit was converted into a large bathroom with additional portholes added so those inside could see 'overboard'. The property also has sun loungers, an outdoor lounge area. "Everything was done with one goal in mind to get exactly the image that was originally planned," adds Demin.

After years of painstaking work on the project, Demin is looking forward to finally welcoming guests to his villa, which is set to open its doors in April. More images with Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens!

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