Boeing 737 MAX 8 Norwegian, which was stranded in Iran, arrived in Stockholm

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After 2 months crash in Iran, Boeing 737 MAX 8 Norwegian aircraft arrived in Stockholm.

On December 14, 2018, the Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 (LN-BKE) aircraft, operating the Dubai - Oslo flight, operated a emergency landing in Shiraz, in Iran. It was a technical problem with the engine.

The passengers were taken by another Norwegian aircraft. But the plane with problems was forced to stay on the ground until February 20. And this is because of the embargo imposed by the United States on Iran.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 (LN-BKE) Norwegian has arrived in Stockholm

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Norwegian needed a new engine, but the embargo forbade the import of American-made aircraft components.

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Norwegian had to start the process in order to import the plane into Iran. This action needed approval from the US government.

And as the bureaucratic part represented a difficult process, everything was extended until the beginning of February, when approval was received to import the non-engine. And on 20 February, the plane was able to take off with the new engine received to the Norwegian base in Stockholm.

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