Boeing 747-400 ED FORCE ONE: In flight from 23 in March

Boeing 747-400 ED FORCE ONE: scheduled to return in flight starting with 23 March 2016

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On 12 March, Boeing 747-400 ED FORCE ONE / Iron Maiden was involved in an accident on the ground, which took place at Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, Santiago, Chile. During a pushback process, the steering column broke, and the aircraft fell out of control and hit the tow tractor. Following the accident, the aircraft suffered damage to the 2 engines and the landing gear, and the tractor's occupants were injured and transported to the hospital.

Boeing 747-400 ED FORCE ONE returns in flight


We're back with good news. The 2 injured persons will recover completely. Hospitalization expenses will be covered by the insurance of Swissport, which was responsible for towing the aircraft.

About the plane, Boeing 747-400 ED FORCE ONE will return in flight starting March 23. Stefan Eyjolfsson, Air Atlanta Iceland's Chief Operating Officer, said it was challenging to find and transport parts from Europe to Chile. According to Stefan Eyjolfsson, the aircraft will be able to fly on 23 March 2016, in time to transport the Iron Maiden to Fortaleza (24 March) and São Paulo (26 March).

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